About Us & Our Why

Hey there! Welcome to Just for Babez: a platform by Jay & Bri! We're so happy you're here and can't wait to share our wellness, beauty, and travel adventures with you!

About Us

We're two Cali gals that met in 2018 through mutual friends and have become super close ever since! A little background on both of us:


Jay lives in Orange County, CA and runs her own mobile art studio (Follow Your Art) as well as her own Digital Agency with her fiancé Josh (J&J Designs). She is passionate about all things art and design and loves embarking on new business and branding journeys! During her personal time, Jay enjoys researching topics like diet, hormones, and skincare and applying them to her own daily routine. Her top favorite outings include sailing, camping, and wine tasting (did someone say wine?).


Bri lives in Southern CA and currently works in Higher Education while she is also pursuing her Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology. Bri has a passion for people’s personal, spiritual, and professional growth. Mental health and people are two things she values and loves. In her personal time, Bri enjoys reading self-development books, journaling, writing, essential oils, and enjoying all the coffee and wine with her babez!

Our Why

Our reasons for starting our platform are threefold:

  1. We have very similar interests in wellness and beauty, and we have a LOT to say when it comes to healthy routines and products! (We're a lil extra, but we own that lol.)

  2. We both enjoy writing and content creation and thrive off of sharing our positive experiences with others to connect on a deeper level.

  3. We both love creating cute and high quality decor and apparel and come from artsy backgrounds (stay tuned for products you can purchase in our shop)!

Our mission is to spread positivity by sharing routines and products we love that support a balanced lifestyle "just for babez." (P.S. ALL are welcome here, and anyone can be a babe!) We highly value mental health and aim to share our experiences that work (or don't work) for us in terms of diet, exercise, and beauty. And of course, we'll sprinkle in some of our fun travels and fav spots too!

Thanks for joining us, and we can't wait to share more with you!!

xx -Jay & Bri

Hi! Thanks for stopping by!

We're two gal pals with an affinity for health, beauty, and travel! Join our journey to discover our favorite routines, products, and destinations for a happy and full life!

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